3 Constant Companions

My line of girls hanging on the bottles are to be named Constant Companions.

This weekend I am attending my instructors course. When I pass my course I plan on pursuing this form of art.

I plan on teaching courses and selling my little ladies. You can commission a girl or pick from the creations that I dream up.

These girls are the Constant Companions of each other at the moment.

Tipsy Lady on the far right is visiting from Bev and is not for sale. She is my muse and first acquired piece of fabric sculpting.

Wine Warrioress Brie

IMG_1012 (2)This is my second creation. My inspiration was  a piece of work created by my first instructor Bev Oliwa, owner of Creative Fire Studio.  A picture of Tipsy Lady is in the sidebar.   As I began to create my little wine goddess, I felt she had the spirit of a warrioress and she reminded me of Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones”.

Thus began my modeling her into a warrioress of wine.

She was created at our cabin on August 15, 2017.

These creations develop their own personalities and identities as you go through the process of the sculpting.