Paverpol Instructor Training

I took my Instrutor course in Athabasca, Alberta at NTW Studio on September 30 and October 1, 2017 I had the honor of being the only person in my class, so I had Nancy all to myself.  She is a gifted artist and inspiring teacher.  The workshop is very intense but thouroughly presented.

During the course I learned everything there is to know about Paverpol.  I worked with all of the Paverpol products and I am looking forward to sharing the unlimited potential with all of my students.

Below is my creations and my certificate.  The creations are yet to be named.  I was excited to do my first fairy as anyone who knows me, knows how intrigued I am with Fairyland.

Author: Oonagh Mara Originals

I am beginning a blog on my journey through learning the art of Fabric Sculpting. It will be exciting to see where this adventure will lead me. Hope all that check in, enjoy the process and I hope to share my enjoyment in all of my posts.

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